Sebastien Lambla 
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Sebastien Lambla 

1. The simple life of ReSTful Microservices

Microservices are in, monolithic apps are out, everyone is high in the cloud, SOA is undead, ReSTful is never really ReSTful because pragmatism, and messaging is either really awesome or really bad. Very complicated, right? Complex systems are all around us, often made of many small and simple entities. In this talk we’ll explore how complexity can be reduced to its smallest cohesive parts, communication normalized through the power of evolvable contracts, ReSTful and event-driven interfaces, and how to make a microservice swarm fly in unison

2. ReST3.0 – A lap around HTTP Apis’ next generation

We’ve been building hypermedia APIs in one shape or another for a long time. As JSON continues to take over the world, many new specifications promise to deliver an easier way to create and evolve our APIs. After covering what problems ReST 3.0 tries to solve, we’ll evaluate the specifications and tools we can leverage. To the cloud and beyond!