Thijs Feryn
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Thijs Feryn

Make your website bullet proof with Varnish Cache

Slow websites suck! In today’s world, delivering the fastest loading speeds and impeccable quality for web apps and services is essential, but doing this at large scale doesn’t come without challenges. Optimizing the full stack or scaling out your infrastructure can mitigate these issues to some extent, but may not be financially or operationally sustainable solution in the long run.

The best way to avoid issues while keeping costs low is to mitigate the impact of the traffic by caching pages and other digital assets efficiently. In this presentation, attendees will gain a first-hand look at how to accelerate APIs, web apps, and other digital assets. This will include using the built-in VCL programming language in Varnish Cache, one of the world’s most advanced and widely used open-source HTTP cache solutions. Attendees will learn how to configure the caching behavior to their exact needs. In the end, you’ll not only learn how to make your website bullet proof, but also how caching can help you go beyond basic web acceleration and make decisions on the edge to create a personalized caching experience.